Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your network is your net worth

Hi Friends,

No time to blog is actually a good sign :)Penning a very short one here.

Had realized this long ago, but it now happens to me more often than not. I Guess we are not zoozoo or Rajnikanth to do "everything" ourself.

Get things done !!

Your network is your net worth. The more you get things done, rather than doing things yourself, the faster you grow and learn. "Grow and let grow".

Again saying, if you do not agree, high time you change your opinion ;)

Cheers !!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple confusing lines....

Hi Friends,

How have you been lately??....Some simple stuff today.. which will clearly confuse you....

Famous lines by bus conductors... which may change everyone's life..... (if taken in the right context)

-> Everyone wants change, but no one wants to ever bring it....( koi chutta nahi deta)

-> Move slowly, not a problem... but please move ahead....( chala pudhe ... chala chala...)

Now comes the confusion.

We have been narrated the hare and tortoise story in school, teaching us that Slow and steady wins the "race". But friends, Life is not a race.... where you compete or die ( Source : 3 idiots)

Is life actually a race? Even if we don't agree, it happens in the real world.. eg. Relative rating, percentile marking..

Not sure if the move slowly move can be thought about by all....Well, you guys think....I've chosen the path which suits me ;)

Cheers !!