Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Business principles re-defined

Serious piece of advice in a not so serious mode.

- Opportunity doesn't knock Twice. Everyone agrees and so do I. Why not knock doors of opportunity :)knock them more than twice.

- Samay se pehle aur receivable se zyaada, kisi ko kuch nahi milta

- Customer is king. We all agree. But then, we are not slaves either :) Get what you want, provided it is reasonable.

- You are not married to the company you are working with or the profession you are in. Hence, you can have more than one ( I'm not specifying what the company you are working with is )

- Risk to spiderman bhi leta hai.. mai to sirf businessman hu.

- If nothing goes right, you turn left :)



  1. if someone will read your blogs starting from the first one till here in the sequence you have written then the obvious realization would be - a entrepreneur shaping up !!! You deserve some patting over here !!