Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introduction & disclaimer

Hi One and all,

Firstly, I would want to convey that all content in my blogspot will be excreta/ waste matter of the bull in the purest possible substance and form ( a.k.a bull-shit)

All the writing will be zero fiction and pure resemblance to many persons living ( read surviving) and dead ( read almost dead).

If you are allergic to bull-shit, very good you will enjoy the blog. If you are not allergic to bull-shit - Hats off to you. Jahanpana tussi great ho !!

Cheers!! Happy reading..



  1. Superb intro...will follow your blog

  2. bull-shit is a synonym to life dude..!! As Shaksphere rightly said, "u can take WTF'ers out of Bull-shit... but u can never take Bull-shit out of WTF'ers".!! :P :P

    Cheers bhai.. waiting for the blogs.!! :)

  3. Mukul- Thanks you are the first one to post a comment. Will make sure its worthwhile

    Ashwin - Thanks. But avoiding the inevitable WTF over here . For that, use link below :)!/group.php?gid=118198911532018