Friday, October 15, 2010

Exit mode to-do list

Hi Friends,

This is very simple and basic information which you may already know or may need in future. But, just jotting it down in the interest of the public at large.

Please find below a checklist for your exit formalities ( When you are in the W3 ( refer blog archive) mode):

-> Transfer your personal documents - Mail it from your office mail ID to your gmail. Lotus Notes or Outlook definitely makes it easy to attach files all at once. In gmail it takes time to attch files :) Why waste space on your pen drive when your office and gmail server has so much space?? For songs and movies, do not forget to zip the files. Given an option, format your hard disk after transferring your documents :)

-> Delete your mails/ chats where you have been bitching about your manager. You don't care,but your colleagues are still working there, so don't be selfish.

-> Delete your payslips - Even if you forget to delete your songs/ movies, its fine ( not all kind of movies, you may land someone else in trouble :))Its imperative to delete your payslips, as the recipient of your laptop may further crib looking at your meagre salary. In the interest of fellow colleagues who will anyway be not happy looking at your peanuts and comparing their peanuts / masala peanuts/ fried peanuts ( and vice versa), its better to delete the payslips.

-> Do not forget to look for your laptop bag ( which you used for 3-4 days and dumped it)and the lock ( you never needed to lock it, as you yourself wanted someone to take the pandora's box away).

-> Adieu mail - Here you express your immense pleasure in leaving the company. Do not forget to thank all people who have made your tenure less stressful ( read shitty). Who knows they may also join the Quit XXX India Movement and your paths may cross again. Easiest to create a list on an excel file ( concatenate email id with comma and paste it on the To Line. Let me know by tomorrow, if you know something easier).
Pls note :Do not write to people who will still bother you with earlier screw ups. Ask folks to "reply all" on your personal ID along with the office ID. Do this ( only this ) on your last 'working' day ( you strictly should not do anything else)

-> Make it a point to meet as many people in person. Let them see the smile on your face when you are leaving. This would help them do good to their careers :)

-> In case you change your cell phone no, make it a point not to communicate it to your manager ( We'd rather die of natural causes) In case of no change in number, there is always an option not to answer his/ her calls ***)

While I'm still thinking of what I have left out, you people can help me with your valuable inputs. Thanks for your help in advance.


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  1. Cool...valuable input..I am going to bookmark this page for my future reference :-)

    I think you can also add the following:

    -- Scan your certificates or any other important documents before leaving and mail it to personal email id.

    -- clean your desk if you have any hard copy printed