Thursday, September 30, 2010

Win-win Verdict

This one is not going to have moderate views. Readers will be extremely pissed off, or will take this idea too seriously. I am a man for the extremes :)

I agree that air is everywhere, but still you need a fan to feel it. So, you might need a place of worship. But kindly note: God is extremely busy and too big to fit into one religion, so he has delegated his presence in all creation. God has created man in his own image and likeness (Women, I mean human beings. No gender bias here)

I’m sure you have thought about this earlier. Today will be the announcement made of a long standing ruling. The ruling is definitely not going to be a win-win situation.But, I want to make it one.

I have a proposal. Why not build a bar or pub instead? People will unite, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender, monetary status, marital status or bowel movements. Everyone will be chanting “ Cheers!!!”. (Please note : I am available to support this noble cause after 20 days from today. Bhagwan ka diya hua , except paisa sab kuch hai hamare paas)

gurur ruma
gurur vodka
gurur whisky
gurur shakshat peg bhramha
tatsmaye shree beer e namah

If you find this too extravagant
– why not a school / college ? Students can be educated irrespective of their religious background
– why not a hospital ? Ailments are better than humanoids, they do not have affinity towards a religious clan
- Or why not simply a giant size mall? Everyone will shop, eat and celebrate together. ( Central Mall, I’m not campaigning for you, but you can still pay me royalty)

I hope the judiciary is reading this blog, if not.. its your moral responsibility to cascade it. Let’s work together to uproot and dump the differences as we are here to make a difference.

Jeene ke 3 hi tareeke hain:
1)Jo ho raha hai use hone do.. sehte raho
2)Usse badalne ki zimmedaari uthao
3)Usse badalne ki zimmedaari delegate karo, WTF.

Happy Verdict


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  2. Good One !!! when I was reading the first half of your blog , I felt you have outstanding talent of which either you are not aware of or you are using it where it is not returning you anything !! but when I read the second half I feel better !!

    Good Going ... Keep writing your thoughts !! I am in favor of School and Hospital or any good cause for mankind because God is within us not in a piece of land !!

  3. Good One Bhai...tu jaake bana mai ata hu!

  4. Too gud.....I loved ur 3rd & last point. Shows ur a true blue IBMer....