Sunday, September 12, 2010

Its my / EMI ? Life...

Finally some serious stuff:

Life cycle of an Indian employee:
Start earning ->
Spend,spend,spend ->
1-2 years down the line, salary significantly increases and then think now what do I do with the money? ->
Take a housing loan, buy a 2/3 BHK and spend nearly 2/3 of the salary on EMI ->
Then think, this EMI takes up most of my salary, why not I pay off this loan soon ->
Work hard for more bonus / variable pay ->
Partly repay the loan ->
EMI is reduced, so why not invest in one more flat?

No regrets whatsoever if you have done all of this effortlessly. But, the extra flat is definitely worth the extra slog and sacrifices. What is the point if you want to save rent and pay EMI, if in the bargain, you travel for 2 hrs extra after a 12-14 hr long day of work?? Dude, your health and free time is all 'spent'.

A profound thinker once said " Life is like a prepaid card with limited validity. Use it before it lapses". That profound thinker was not me :) It was Chetan Bhagat ( I don't steal away credit)

What is the point if you have an extra 3 BHK, but have spent your entire life working hard for it and have lost out on all the good times.

What are you finally slogging it out for? Those materialistic pleasures? Trust me, if you think in those lines. You will even think, now how do I spend the rent which I get from the 2nd flat? One more EMI? You will not have an option of spending, as you do not have the time to enjoy. Over these years, you have lost touch with your close friends and family. In short, wasted the precious golden years of your life. What is the point if you think what will I have for dinner, while having breakfast:)

Learn to spend money, trust me you will learn how to earn it.

Don't work for money, let the money work for you.

I don't want to live the EMI life. I'm happy with 1 house. I choose to "live". And you??

Cheers !!


  1. finally one which made absolute sense to me :) great going !!!!

  2. sahi ja rahe ho bhai :) lage rahooooo...........

  3. Bhai senti mat bano.. zindagi mein hamesha seedhi baat bolo bhai.

  4. oye.. this is so cool...An.. Non EMI Life ..wish all IT guys feed this in their minds

  5. very nice indeed.. really appreciative..

  6. Thanks will always be seedhi baat.... and will make absoulte sense :)