Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When hired -> Wowww

When review cycle is missed due to date of joining -> Ok no problem, I'l make up for it next year

In the interim -> Lets work, do something different, innovate, build credibility, make a mark, be proactive, be super productive, work super hard, work really smart (mind you - employee's manager doesn't think so)and all other sorts of illusion.

When review cycle finally arrives -> WTF?? This needs no explanation

Looking for new job - > OK. Few days more. Lets pull along. Lets keep the search strong.

Finding a job, but not the right one -> That's fine. I'l get there soon. The earlier interesting work seems monotonous ( actually 'shitty' is the word)

Found a job / Finally resigning -> Wowww.. Fantabulous. Have never felt so relieved before. Let's get out of this place asap.

Notice period extended -> Oh nooooo.. Jaane nahiiiiii.... denge mujheeee.... jaane mujheeee.. denge nahi..... I hate gyaan stories from my manager.

Notice period further extended -> WTF??? Let me show them what I can do, they will never hold on to anyone for so long. Here comes the "Whose Father What goes" (किसके बाप का क्या जाता?) attitude. ( Sorry dear English, I couldn't find a better translation for this ultimate truth)

Moral of the Story : Life cycle summary of employment is mostly W3 (not world wide web) Its Whose Father, What goes, WTF


  1. Am sure you will create a role of CRO - Chief Relieve Officer :))
    Don't be surprised if employees start approaching you for consultation to resign.

    Guruji... Hume early bird concession zaroor dena

  2. ok maaya..concession granted :) btw.. one more gud business idea :) thanks..