Thursday, August 5, 2010

Want or haunt??

You wanted knowledge, so you went to college
But if you wanted money, why did you join this company??

You pursue a career, and you're not here for just a job
But your stabbed from the rear and what you can do is only sob!!

You are asked to think long term,
but sadly you are treated like a germ

Your employer says your the best and an achiever
forget about some rest, you don't even get a breather

You work on columns and work on rows,
But you career never ever grows

You expect a decent hike,
But with that you can't even buy a 2nd hand bike

You want to pay your EMI,
so every month you think where am I?

You need a job change,
but think where will you get a higher range

You start to assume,
wish I had a better resume

You always feel the urge
and then the search begins to surge

Try hard to get what you want
Or these thoughts shall always haunt

So many things to say,
wish everything would go my way

Hence, you have fun and keep up the slog
I shall now and then pen a blog



  1. Galib kitnon ko resign karvayenge ???
    nahi karenge to sharm se sar jhukayenge..
    chalo..pehli customer hum hi ban jaate hain
    thodi moholat do..resign kar aate hain


  2. wah wah .... prabhu.. teri maaya aprampaar hai

  3. nice rhyming sad fact of life - our dreary existence in the cubicle !

  4. Resign karna torture se better hai!

    But torture isliye sehte hai hum kyonki paapi pet ka matter hai!

    Nahi to boss ki aasli jagha office nahi gutter hai!


  5. wah wah..... paapi pet... so routine set.... life gone for toss... all coz of boss....

  6. kuch logo ko torture samajh nahi aata

    lekin jab pani sar se upar gujar jaata

    tab dimag ki batti jalti hai

    aur phir ye community resign karti hai...