Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movies during performance review season

Upcoming movies especially during performance review ( read screw) season:

All these movies will be starring you manager, you and HR in guest appearance

Cause :
-> I know what you did ( not do) last summer - You turn from a silent spectator victim to an erupting volcano

-> Hike and Pay- Your manager and you discuss (You don't discuss, you plead and then crib)

-> (Ex)ception - Your manager tries doing a 'favour' on you only to retain you ( who will clean the shit otherwise?)

-> 'Resign'eeti - When you are planning to resign

-> Hum paper daal chuke sanam -> Your plan is successfully executed

Next three are self explanatory:
-> Bakwaas Company

-> All Idiots

-> Angels and demons ( you don't even need to figure out who is the demon here)

Then during notice period:
-> Employee tum kab jaoge??

-> Once Upon a Time in "the company"

Songs in all these movies:
-> All is (in) well.... arey bhaiiyaa all in well....
-> Yedaaaa hone lagaaa huuuu....

I'm sure there would be 'n' no. of movies with the underlying meaning deep within.

Happy are those who are merely audience. Unfortunately ( why this word? every employee thinks he is unfortunate) most humanoids here are lead actors.

Jaago employee jaago!!


  1. Kya baat hai...Someones brain is working that too on month ends...Too gud

  2. very good one ! keep more coming in....

    Couple of more movies..

    "I know what you did last year " (I know what you did last summer)
    "employee tu pagal hai" (Dil tow pagal hai)
    "2 gaaz cubical ke andar" (do gaz jamin ke nichey)


  3. sahi hai yar... mast likha hai.."all in well.. ".. he he ...